The Best Vitamins & Supplements for Seniors in 2023

Walking into a vitamin and supplements store can be overwhelming. There are so many different brands with a huge array of different products it's hard what works and where to start. 

To simplify things and arm you with knowledge so you can choose what is right for you, here is is a short list of our favourite, evidence base supplements. 

1. Creatine For Strength & Energy

Creatine supplementation is important for seniors because it can help improve muscle strength and physical performance. It is especially beneficial for those who are experiencing age-related muscle loss and weakness. Creatine can help to delay the progress of sarcopenia and improve physical performance, balance, and mobility. It can also help to reduce fatigue, improve cognitive function, and help sustain energy levels in older adults. Discover the benefits Creatine in our Boost Strength & Vitality formula. 


2. Creatine For Cognitive Function

Creatine supplementation has been shown to improve cognitive function in seniors by providing an energy source to cells, allowing them to function more efficiently. Specifically, it has been linked to improved memory, learning, and executive function in older adults. Additionally, it may help with fatigue and depression, which are both common in seniors. Discover the benefits Creatine in our Clear & Focused Mind formula.


3. Vitamin D WITH Vitamin K2 

Vitamin D helps seniors maintain strong bones and teeth, protect against certain diseases, and boost their overall immunity. Vitamin D is especially important for seniors since levels of the vitamin naturally decline with age. Low levels of vitamin D can increase the risk of fractures, osteoporosis, and other age-related health conditions. Vitamin D supplementation can also help reduce the risk of falls and improve muscle strength, which can help seniors maintain their independence.

Vitamin K2 is important to use with Vitamin D because it helps to activate the proteins that are necessary for calcium absorption and utilisation in the body. Vitamin K2 works in synergy with Vitamin D to ensure calcium is transported to the bones and not to the soft tissues and arteries, where it can cause problems. Vitamin K2 also helps to maintain healthy levels of calcium in the blood, thereby helping to support cardiovascular health.

The best form of Vitamin D and K2 is in an easy to use spray under the tongue that you can buy from your local Chemist. 


4. Protein Powder

Protein powder supplements are important for seniors in Australia because they can help to maintain muscle mass, reduce muscle loss, and promote healthy ageing. Protein is the building block of muscle, and maintaining muscle mass is important for seniors in order to stay strong, maintain balance, and prevent falls. Protein powder supplements can also help to maintain bone mass, which is important for preventing fractures and osteoporosis. Finally, protein powder supplements can also help to reduce hunger and support a balanced diet, which is important for overall health. 

In our Muscle Formula protein powder we use a special form of protein that is much easier to digest called Hydrolysed Whey Protein. More information on the benefits of Muscle Formula can be found here


5. Magnesium 

Magnesium is an important mineral for seniors in Australia, as it helps to maintain the normal functioning of muscles and nerves, supports the immune system and helps to keep bones healthy. It can also help to reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes, reduce cramping, increase energy and can help to reduce inflammation. A magnesium supplement can help to ensure that seniors are getting enough of this important mineral, which is especially important as the body's ability to absorb magnesium decreases with age. 

If you find you get cramps when you exercise or in the night try our Magnesium Muscle & Joint Spray which you can read more about here


6. Collagen 

Collagen powder supplements are important for seniors in Australia because they can help improve joint health, reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis and arthritis, and improve skin health. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and helps form the bones, muscles, and other connective tissues. As we age, our body produces less collagen, leading to a decrease in bone and joint health. Taking a collagen supplement can help restore lost collagen, thereby improving overall joint and bone health. Additionally, collagen can help improve skin health by reducing wrinkles, improving skin elasticity, and helping keep the skin hydrated.

Its is important that collagen supplements are combined with Vitamin C to ensure optimal absorption. Our Joint Support formula combines Hydrolysed Collagen, Vitamin C, Curcumin C3 with Tart Cheery extract to assist your joints and decrease inflammation. You can read more about our Joint Support Formula here.

7. Omega 3 Fish Oil 

Omega 3 supplements are important for men and women over 50 in Australia as they can help to reduce the risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and improve cognitive function. Research has shown that seniors who take omega 3 supplements have better overall health and well-being. Omega 3 fatty acids are also beneficial for reducing the symptoms of arthritis, improving eye and joint health, and reducing the risk of certain types of cancer. Additionally, omega 3 supplements may be helpful in reducing the risk of age-related macular degeneration and helping to maintain healthy skin.


8. Electrolytes

Electrolyte supplements are especially important for seniors in Australia due to the fact that as we age, our bodies become more vulnerable to dehydration. Electrolytes help the body to maintain fluid balance and are important for the proper functioning of the muscles, heart and other organs. Additionally, electrolyte supplements can help seniors maintain optimal energy levels, improve circulation, and reduce fatigue. Elements For Life is currently developing and new superior Electrolyte supplement. Sign up to our mailing list to keep updated! 


Many of the above supplements in their purist form can be purchased from our online shop HERE.

As always, check with your Doctor or healthcare specialist before taking any supplements to ensure they are right for you.