Pills Or Powders? Is one better than the other?

Vitamins and supplements can come in many forms such as, powders to be dissolved in water, tablets or pills to be swallowed or dissolved under your tongue. The reason for a company to choose a certain form can be due to stability of the ingredients, ease of use for the consumer, cost of manufacturing and even to hide under dosed ingredients with fillers.


Tablets and pills can be difficult to swallow, especially if you’re taking many different supplements at once. The tablet form can also be difficult to achieve the correct dosage into a small amount of tablets per serving. For example, if we were to make our Clear & Focused Mind supplement into a tablet form it would mean you would need to consume an excessive 10 tablets per day to get the correct dosage. Furthermore, it can be common place for some brands to under dose their supplements to achieve a serving of two tablets per day, only using the ingredients as a label claim rather than an effective dosage.  


At Elements For Life we believe the best delivery method is to use powders ready to be dissolved in water. The benefits are as follows.


  • Each ingredient is easily absorbed.
  • No discomfort from swallowing multiple large tablets.
  • The correct dosage is easily achieved per serving.
  • Many consumers are currently taking some form of tablets and taking many more is inconvenient and can cause discomfort.
  • Most of us need to drink more water. Utilising a powder dissolved in water each morning has the added benefit of ensuring we increase our daily water intake.

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