Improve energy and stamina with the benefits of Pure German CreatinePowered by science, this blend combines advanced German Creatine to give your muscles the added strength and endurance to get the most out of every day. Select this supercharged formula to increase muscle mass, strength and re-energise to get back to your best.

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Muscle Endurance

Increase Energy

Boost Muscle Strength


Fatigue, both mental and physical is more common as we get older and for those who want to get the most out of life, very frustrating. Research has shown our strength can decline around 3% per year after middle age (1).The good news is we can stop and even reverse this loss of strength. 


Creatine has been proven by University studies and used by athletes to enhance their strength and muscular energy for many years. The same performance enhancing benefits can benefit you. Studies have shown increase in exercise capacity, recovery, muscle mass and strength in adaptations from training (2). More recent studies in older adults have found increases in body mass (muscle), enhanced resistance to fatigue, increases in strength and improved performance in activities of daily living independent of exercise training (3,4). 



If you’re looking to feel more energetic, reduce fatigue both mentally and physically during your daily exercise, golf, tennis or any other daily activities you enjoy, Elements For Life Creatine is your perfect partner.





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Pure Creatine Monohydrate

For maximum benefits, take one scoop in 200-300ml of water daily after exercise or in your Elements For Life Muscle Formula or ReCharge Protein Shake. .

Always consult your doctor before using any supplement.